There are some music magazines that come with free albums. It usually includes compilation of music courtesy of various artists. These free albums that come with the publication are called as covermount. The idea of including covermount has existed first when Smash Hits gave away flexi discs in 1980s. Usually, the tracks featured in covermounts are intended for promotional purposes.

The inclusion of covermounts has also been very helpful for wide varying readers of Music magazines. For this reason, there are many   music magazines that include covermounts in their publications. While majority of the compilations of tracks are aimed to promote something or someone in the music culture, there are also free albums that are courtesy of recording companies.

Another notable music magazine that is based in the city of Ohio, Cleveland is the Alternative press. This music magazine basically provides their readers with   photos, information about upcoming releases, band interviews, as well as music charts. The said music magazine has been founded by Mike Shea way back in 1985. At present, Mike Shea is also the president of Alternative Press.   Meanwhile, Joe Scarpelli and Jason Pettigrew are the general manager and editor in chief respectively.

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Artrocker has so a significant name in the UK music publishing and promotion. This music magazine has been founded by Tom Fawcett and Paul Cox. These two personalities are also included behind the promotion of the London night referred to as The Sausage machine. The magazine has begun in the industry by being an online newsletter as well as event promotion way back in 2001. Apparently, it has expanded into different endeavour such as monthly music magazines. Not only that, it has also established multiple websites, video production, radio show in weekly basis and record label.

Just in case you are not aware, Artrocker is also responsible for the promotion of The Black keys and Yeah Yeah Yeahs to the United Kingdom. In addition to that, it is also the first to present concerts in London by The Futureheads, Maximo Park and The Datsuns.

In New York City, there is a semi-annual publication of music magazines. This magazine is The Big Takeover. It has been founded by Jack Rabid in 1980. Meanwhile, the bassists can also read useful info from the Bass Player. Basically a music magazine for bassists out there, each of the issue features wide varying interviews with artists, equipment review, lessons as well as complete bass line that are transcribed from a popular song. Bass Player has been founded in 1989 as by-product of The Guitar Player music magazine. The first editor in chief of the Bass Player is Jim Roberts.

At present, Bass Player conducts a yearly event particularly for the bassists. The Bass Player also performs live since 2004 up to 2007 in New York. If you want to attend their next sessions, you have to be at Hollywood, California because it is their venue since 2008.

There is no doubt that music plays a very important part in the lives of people. This drives music-dedicated magazines to improve their features. More than standing out of the competition, all of the music magazines out there, regardless of the state, aims to impart significant knowledge on readers about the music culture. Not only that, they also serve as a viable platform for promotions.

If you want to be adept with the current trends of the music industry nowadays, there is no doubt that music magazines are perfect for you. From hearing about upcoming concerts to getting updated with the interviews with your favourite artists, you can make sure that publisher will never tire in providing you with timely information about the current trends in the music industry.

Music magazine

Are you fond of following music culture? If so, music magazines are perfect for you. As the name itself implies, a music magazine refers to magazines that are related to music. This kind of magazines usually features interviews, essays, music news, concert reviews, record reviews, and covermount that come with recorded music. Everything that you want to know about the music industry, you can likely have the information you need from a music magazine.

Music magazines are inexhaustible in UK. The New Magazine Express or NME has the highest sales since the premier issue way back in 1952. The most prominent nemesis of NME is the Melody Maker. Melody maker is a much older music magazine that has been established in 1926. In spite of the significant milestone of Melody Maker in contesting with NME, the advent of internet music websites caused a ceasing to their publications.

At present, music magazines in United Kingdom include Mojo and Q, Kerrang! While some music magazines put much emphasis on rock music, there are also publications that focus on pop music. It includes BBC’s Top of the Pops and Smash Hits.

BMG is currently the longest running publication of United Kingdom. Established by Clifford Essex, the name of the music magazine stands for Banjo, Mandolin and Guitar.   Basically, this music magazine is focused on featuring music instruments. In fact, BMG is the oldest of its kind. More than just presenting music culture, the publication also promotes acoustic music instrument regardless of its kind.

Meanwhile, there are also major publications in US. This includes Rolling Stone and Spin. Rolling and Stone were founded on 1967and 1985 respectively. In 2014, the Music Magazine that has been voted for the year is the Clash music magazine. The Clash is also the second largest online presence in UK. Aside from that, the said magazine has been granted with the distinction the Magazine of the Year   at PPA Scotland award. When it comes to classical magazines, the most read publication in France is the Diapason.

Music magazines that feature a combination of the current trends and events are called nostalgia magazines. One best example of magazine of this kind is the Keep Rockin’. This magazine covers current events during that time such as car shows and concert. Additionally, there are also photos that are included.